Cute Humidifiers with Playful Designs

The humidifier is a very useful modern device that increases the humidity in the room it’s placed in. They come in handy especially when it’s cold outside and the air is heated indoors, the humidity dropping to 10-20%, causing respiratory distress, and even damaging your wooden furniture.
If you want to buy a humidifier that is efficient, but you want it to have a cute and playful design as well, take a look at the following lines and choose one of these efficient and adorable humidifiers.

Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Model #EE-865 – Penguin

This humidifier from Crane has an adorable design that is child friendly, looking like a penguin, and it costs only $50.
It’s whisper quiet, therefore you can use it in the child’s room without worrying it will keep him awake, it provides enough power for rooms up to 250 square feet, and its one gallon water tank can provide up to 24 hours of moisture if you set it on medium.
In addition, this humidifier helps reduce the growth of mold and bacteria up to 99,96%, and it relieves any sinus irritation, dry skin, dry hair, flu symptom, nasal congestion, and dry cough.

Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with 1.0 Gallon Capacity

The “Drop” humidifier from Crane costs $55, and it has a compact and stylish design.
It has three operating speeds, it’s very quiet, it works in rooms up to 300 square feet, if you set it on medium speed it lasts for 24 hours until the next refill, and it doesn’t have a filter, therefore you don’t have to worry about cleaning or replacing it periodically.
In addition, this model combats dry skin and hair, itchy skin, congestion, dry nose, colds, and coughs.

PlusMinusZero Humidifier Version 3

The PlusMinusZero Humidifier Version 3 is the ideal humidifier for anyone that is looking for a cute design. It comes at the price of $330, and it’s shaped like a donut. Delicious, right?
It comes in three colors, red, green, and brown, it weighs 4.4 pounds, it includes a steam fan function to spread the humidifying steam better across the room, and it automatically turns off when it runs out of water, so you don’t have to keep an eye on it at all times.
One of the best features of this humidifier is that you can add essential oils through the center of the humidifier to have your home smelling great.
The only downside to this humidifier is that it lasts less than the other models we talked about, and it needs a refill once every 18 hours if you set it on long mode.