Everything You Need to Know about Convection Microwave Ovens

A convection microwave oven basically offers the same features that a normal microwave has to offer, but with the bonus that it gives a “full-cook” to the food, crisping and browning it as well, just like a convection oven would.

Combination cooking

Convection microwave ovens, or combination ovens, offer the best of both worlds to its users. In combination cooking mode you use convection cooking and microwave cooking at the same time, this way speeding up the cooking while making sure the food will be crisped and browned.
Combination cooking is suitable for roasting vegetables, meats, or poultry, for baking potatoes, pasta, casseroles, or fish, and for cooking pastries and cakes.
The most interesting fact about combination cooking with the convection microwave oven is that you can place metal cookware in it without there being any risks.


As with any type of oven, the convection microwave oven will be very hot inside after it cooks your food, and when you take it out it’s better to let the door open for 20-30 seconds for the air to cool before taking the food out.
Also, when you take the food out of it, make sure to wear a glove for your skin to not get burnt, and don’t start cleaning the interior of the microwave until it has cooled down completely.


First off, you have to make sure that the microwave oven has completely cooled off before starting to clean it, or else you might get burnt, because the sides of a convection microwave oven get very hot after you use it, unlike the standard microwave that cools off faster.
To clean the convection microwave oven on the interior, you must use warm soapy water.
In case you have heavy soiling to deal with, place a bowl of water in the microwave and heat it until the water inside it boils, and leave it there for another minute with the door closed. This way the steam will soften the dirty and persistent marks, and you can proceed to wipe the dirt off with a cloth and a cleaning solution.


Convection microwave ovens are the best choice for anyone who doesn’t have enough space to place in their kitchen a microwave oven and a convection oven, but it’s great for those who have enough space but want an appliance that can do what they need fast as well.
The only thing that these types of ovens require when it comes to installation is to clear at least 5 centimeters for them on the sides, about 10 centimeters at the rear, and 15-45 centimeters on top, and for them to not be put in places where steam and heat are generated.