Furnishing Your Dorm Room on a Budget

Going to college is a major expense for both the students and their parents and if you would rather spend your budget on text books or just having fun with your friends, rather than furnishing your room, there are a few things that you can try to minimize your costs considerably. If the student accommodation unit is not furnished or only has the basic things and you need to complete it to your taste, here are a few ideas on how you can save up when shopping for furniture and decorations:

Visit a thrift store

You will be surprised to see how many cool home furnishings you will find in these stores, especially when there is a sale. From chairs and shelves to lamps and mirrors, you will spend very little and you will probably furnish your entire room. Be sure to visit them with your roommate, because you will cut all expenses in half and the bargain will be even bigger. Thrift stores will certainly become your new best friend, so do not avoid them!


From old wooden boxes which would serve as end tables to glass jars that you can use as pen holders, every time you might be tempted to throw something away, consider the possibility for using it for something completely different. You may even make pillow cases out of older curtains or use ribbons from your last birthday party to brighten the place a little bit. So open your mind and put your imagination to work, as you will definitely find something useful around the house that will work perfectly for your dorm room.

Hunt for bargains

Whenever you hear about a garage sale, be sure to visit it, because you never know what you can find. You may be able to find a piece of furniture that has barely been used at a very advantageous price or something else you needed to make your room more comfortable. Garage sales are the perfect place to find a multitude of useful items at less than half the price you would find them in regular stores.

Do not refuse hand-me-downs

Even though at first it may sound demeaning, you should not refuse any free stuff your family might offer you. Once you check the market and see the prices that some pieces of furniture have, hand-me-downs will soon look as if they were covered in gold. Worst case scenario, if you discover you don’t need that item after all, you could make a pretty penny by selling it to your fellow colleagues looking for excellent deals.

These are just a few ideas on how to save when it comes to furnishing your college room. You won’t need luxurious items, you just need functional ones, because you can personalize them later. Always visit thrift stores, garage sales and never refuse a piece of furniture that someone in your family offers you for free, because one way or another it will always come in handy along the way and you will be grateful for having accepted it.