How to Choose Between the Best Whole House Water Filters

It is extremely important that we hydrate ourselves daily, in order to be healthy. Are you wondering if tap water is healthy? Unfortunately, the answer is no, it is not as healthy as it should be. Fortunately, we can achieve the desired result by installing a whole house filter. Do you find this idea useful and you actually want to buy a unit like that? If so, then here is how to choose between the best whole house water filter.

Do a water test

Before you actually go shopping, you must test your tap water. You can either call someone specialized to do the test, or you can buy a water test kit from the specific shops and do it yourself. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, as long as you will find out if your tap water is contaminated or not. If it is, then you must know exactly what contaminants are in it, in order to get the right water filter. This is why it’s so important to do a water test before choosing a product.

How do you know what’s best to choose?

This step is not as complicated as many of you probably think. After you have done the water test you will know now exactly what are the contaminants present in the water, and you will need to get the right filtration system for the right contaminants. Whole house filtration systems do a great job when it comes to removing rust, scale, and sediment. On the other hand, tap-based water filters can easily remove industrial solvents, organic chemicals, and chlorine byproducts. Therefore, you might need to supplement a whole house water filter with a tap water filter. In case your tap water doesn’t contain chemicals, industrial solvents or chlorine, then you can just go for a whole house filtration system.

Look for a filtration system that alkalize and ionize water

This is a very clever feature that is extremely useful. A water filter/ water ionizer combo will raise the pH and it will offer you a water that is rich in ionic minerals, which will easily be absorbed by your body. In case you don’t yet know, drinking regularly ionized and alkaline water can reduce acidity in your body.

Warranty and maintenance

You certainly want a product that comes with a long warranty period and that requires a low maintenance. Therefore, you should look for the ones that have a 5 years warranty and require low or no maintenance whatsoever.


Expensive doesn’t always means quality. It is important that you look for a unit that meets your needs and your budget as well. It is extremely recommended that you carefully study the features that whole house filters that are on the market have, and therefore, you will know exactly what you need.