Mistakes to Avoid When You Buy a Sauna

Every time you buy something, no one can guarantee you’ve made the best choice or that the product will work forever in the best conditions, but there are some things you can do in order to minimize the risk of unsatisfactory operating. When it comes to buying a sauna, the following mistakes are best to be avoided if you want to make sure you will enjoy a quality and durable sauna.

Avoid cheap saunas with poor insulation

Cheap saunas have cheap wiring configurations that can become a safety hazard during use. Avoid saunas with poorly insulated wires and improper shielding because it can be dangerous and less durable. The high level of heat created inside the sauna is a serious threat the moment it reaches exposed wires and cracks in the insulation. Moreover, unenclosed electrical components like circuit boards or power converter emit heat that dries out the wood in the roof cap and contradict the electrical safety standards. You can learn more about the quality and durability of different home saunas, by reading some sauna reviews.

Avoid weak constructions

Manufacturers that design cheap saunas often cut on the quality of the product, which results in the vulnerability of the construction. Saunas built with exterior buckles and clips are supposed to hide poor workmanship and sloppy standards, which make the sauna less durable and safe. Walls that have been wrongly cut can still be forced into place, but they will start to warp and bow over time, leading to severe damage of the sauna. There are some sauna models tied together with magnets that don’t provide stability and resistance over time or saunas with slide clamps brackets that make the walls look misaligned. Avoid these types of saunas and opt for a bolt and anchor assembly that ensures a nice and fit construction.

Avoid thin walls

There are manufacturers that also cut corners when it comes to the wall construction and you can often see saunas with thin walls that don’t ensure a proper insulation and are more likely to damage faster. Thin walls can’t hold up to the changes of temperature and humidity inside the sauna and often start to crack over time, leading to a short lifespan that doesn’t justify the investment.

Avoid poor quality wood

The wood the saunas are made of is crucial when it comes to durability and efficiency, therefore you should never compromise when it comes to wood quality. Inexpensive saunas are made with a poor quality lumber that warps and cracks in time, not to mention it looks awful. The wood used in manufacturing saunas must be non-toxic in order to avoid intoxication during use, so pay attention to the type of wood used for the sauna you are about to buy. Avoid low price saunas made of aspen that is poorly resistant to shocks, basswood that doesn’t put up to the intense temperature fluctuation, fir tree that is not very durable, or Western pine with a high resin content. Opt for red cedar and Canadian Hemlock wood that provide quality, safety, and durability.