Radar Detector Myths and Facts

Radar detectors always evolve to keep up with the police radars, and drivers from all around the world use these devices to avoid getting fines for speeding. They are especially preferred by those who drive for a living, and it’s important to know which of the rumors surrounding them are true and which are false in order to not get your hopes up about them, or to be misinformed. Therefore, read the following lines if you want to find out all the myths and facts regarding the radar detectors.

Radar detectors encourage speeding

This fact definitely has to be categorized as a myth, because owning a device that triggers an alarm when it detects that you are approaching a police radar doesn’t necessarily mean that you are person who drives at high speeds.
This depends only on the driver, and the device can’t be blamed for the way the human drives the car. While it’s true that there are people who like to drive at high speeds and who buy a radar detector just to be safe from getting tickets for speeding, the vast majority of people buy it because they want to be announced if there are law enforcement officers ahead.
A study was done in America in the 1980s which showed that the use of radar detectors actually reduced speeding, and this is probably due to the fact that the detection devices made people more aware of the presence of police officers.

If you use a radar detector you won’t get a ticket for speeding

The fact that you are using a radar detector doesn’t guarantee you won’t get a fine, because the police radars are evolving rapidly in order to surpass the radar detectors. If you take a look at the 2016 best radar detector reviews, you will see that the newer models are a lot more evolved than older units. Therefore, if you don’t change the device every time a new and better one appears, you can’t rely on it 100% to save you from getting a speed ticket. In addition, now there are a lot of patrol cars that have their detectors equipped in the front or rear of the vehicle, and the police officers can keep them shut and switch them on only when they want to find out the speed of a certain driver, which doesn’t leave enough time for the radar detector to notify you about the presence of the radar.

Radar detectors range through windshields

Yes, radar detectors range through windshields. After all, they are meant to be used by people who drive cars, therefore the windshields aren’t an impediment for the radar detectors.
The only windshields that affect the radar detectors considerably are those that have metallic film between the laminations which is meant to reflect the sun’s infrared radiation. You can do a fast search on the internet about your car if you aren’t sure if your windshield has these metallic films or not in order to find out if the windshield will affect the radar detector.

Radar detectors don’t work when the weather is bad

Nothing can be more false than the fact that these devices don’t work during bad weather. The 2016 best radar detector units aren’t affected by either rain or snow, and if you still have the slightest doubt, keep in mind the fact that airports use the same radar technology as the radar detectors, and they don’t close every time it snows or rains.

Radar detectors are illegal

This fact is true or false depending on the law in your country or state, therefore it’s true as well as it is false.
Before buying a radar detector you should first read what the law is in your area on using this detection device, because if it’s illegal, you could get a large fine for using it, or even worse, you could do jail time.