Top Rated Sound Machines for Adults and Children

Sound machines are helpful for both adults and children because they play relaxing sounds designed to induce a feeling of peace and to promote a restful sleep. Whether you need a unit for your bedroom or you want to use it in the nursery, here are the best sound machines for adults and children.

Sound machines designed for adults

For people who have troubles falling asleep because they can’t ignore the traffic noise or their neighbors are listening to music, a sound machine with a white noise feature is the perfect help. The clever features they come with make these units user-friendly, efficient, and practical for every moment of the day. If you want to compare the best sound machines, you can look for some sound machine reviews online. These reviews are very comprehensive and they helped us narrow down the multiple choices to a single device, which we found to be the most efficient.

    • Ecotones Sound Sleep Machine

With this sound machine, you can choose from 10 sounds like rainfall, fireplace, meadow, ocean, brook, city, train, meditation, waterfall, and white noise. The sounds are randomly generated so you won’t detect any looping in the series of sounds and the richness setting enhances the sounds with additional details like bird songs for more realistic sounds. You can adjust the volume to a comfortable level that will allow you to relax and concentrate while it will remain loud enough to cover disturbing noises in the background. In case you fall asleep and you don’t want it to play all night, you can use the timer to set the sound machine to turn off after a time interval.

Sound machines designed for children

These models include nature sounds, lullaby sounds, symphony songs, and white noise that can help children relax and be quieter when they are not sleeping. Moreover, these devices can help babies fall asleep faster, which is great when you are dealing with a noisy baby. The sounds selected for a children’s sound machine are more likely to help the little ones fall asleep than any other sound created by a radio or a TV.

      • Graco Sweet Slumber

This device is usually recommended for babies age 0 to 12 months, but the Mp3 player adapter allows you to add songs for older children as well. It comes with two buttons that enable you to select the desired sound from one of the two categories. There is the heart and waves button that includes the sound of a rushing stream, a forest, a whale song, a thunderstorm, white noise and womb sounds, and the music note button that includes several lullabies that play in a loop. The timer feature turns the unit off after 60 minutes and it remembers the last song played so it will resume the playlist.