Ultimate Gas Grill Buying Guide

Before you hit the stores to buy yourself a new gas grill, you have to make all your homework regarding what you need from it exactly.
To be able to choose the best gas grill for you out there, read this gas grill buying guide, where any information that you might be interested in is presented to you.

Cooking area

You must decide on how big you want the cooking area to be before going shopping for a gas grill.
To determine how big you need the cooking area to be, think about the quantity of food you will grill on it usually.
If you intend to mostly use it for your own use, making grilled food in the weekend for the household members, you can go for a gas grill with a small capacity, that can cook at once a maximum of 18 burgers, for example.
If you intend to have a lot of guests coming at your place very often, you should look for a gas grill with a big cooking area, that can support at least 28 burgers at once to finish grilling fast, enjoying the rest of the time with your friends and family.

Types of gas grills

Depending on how much they cost, there are three types of gas grills. It’s important to know what you get for the money you will spend on them, because most of us are on certain budgets that don’t allow us to buy the most expensive models out there.
The cheapest gas grills out there are the budget grills, which cost $350 or less. They come in small or medium sizes, which make them great for anyone that won’t grill for a big number of people at once. When it comes to features, these gas grills usually come with thin grates, cast aluminum hood and firebox, and a painted steel cart.
The medium-priced gas grills cost between 400$ and 900$, and in this category you will find medium or big sized grills on which you can cook about 28 burgers or more at once, and they have more features than the budget types. They usually come with lights for cooking after dark, an electronic igniter, double storage doors, and a great 10 year warranty on the grates and burners.
The most expensive gas grills are the high-end gas grills, which cost over $1000, and they offer anything you desire. While it’s true that they have the same features you find on a medium-priced gas grill, the big difference between them is their quality. They have a higher quality stainless steel, better quality burners, extra storage space, thicker grates, and longer warranty for the burners.

Useful features

The most useful features to look for in a gas grill are premium quality burners, quality construction, an electronic igniter, heavy-duty grates, a side burner, lit cooking area, extra storage, extra work space, a pullout tray for the propane tank, dual fuel valves, and natural gas conversion kit.