What Responsibilities Does a Babysitter Have?

Being a babysitter is a wonderful job for people who love working with children and would like to make a career out of this profession. Whether you are planning to become a professional babysitter or you just want a part time job during your college years, if you are not exactly sure what your responsibilities will be aside from actually watching the baby, hopefully the following points will give you an insight as to what most babysitter agencies request from their collaborators:

Light housekeeping responsibilities

While you won’t have to dust the entire house while you watch the children, parents will expect to find their house just as clean as they left it when they went to work. This is why you will have to clean up after the baby, gather his toys and you may even find yourself cleaning the juice off the kitchen floor, after the three-year-old you are watching spilled it. Other responsibilities can include preparing meals for the child and washing their clothes and towels.

Keep the children safe

This is by far your primary responsibility. The parents trust that their child will be happy and healthy when they get home. This is why you will need to make sure the children you are watching don’t hurt themselves by accident, protect them from strangers in case you choose to take them to the park and make sure there are fed and cleaned. You should never let the children out of your sight or allow anything to happen to them. The parents will probably offer you a list of everything the child might be allergic to, so that you know to avoid those ingredients when you prepare or buy anything for the child.

Entertain the children

A nanny is more than just an overseer; she needs to be a person who enjoys playing with children and involving them in various stimulating activities. Most parents don’t let their children sit in front of the TV all day and neither should you. This is why you need to come up with various games or be willing to play with the child’s toys, participate in tea parties or action combats or even engage in various sports and physical competitions. There are many options when it comes to keeping a child entertained, so as long as you have imagination and you enjoy playing with children, you will love every minute of it.

Always communicate with the parents

You should always let the parents know of everything you did that day. Tell them what their kit ate, what games you played and whether or not you had any problems during the day. This is the key to being a successful babysitter and there are some nannies who actually keep diaries to help them remember everything. You don’t have to offer too many details, as the parents won’t want to know what hour their kid when to the bathroom, but you should still have a sense of everything that happened during that day and be able to tell about it to the parents.